Malaysian Airens are really really really cute >:d< They made all of these lovely photos for Seung Gi…xD~ I want to put my message too :( I want say something to Seung Gi too :”> Such as:

Heodang Seung Gi ah ~ I’ve just known you for 2 years, and have watched 1N2D since last month ^^ Thanks for 1N2D, I can see the heodang, babo of you. I can realize the maknae momments. I love your bright smile, no matter if you won the game or not, no matter how sad you were…heodang Seung Gi still smiles…Congrats 3rd “1N2D”…Have you remembered when you first attended the show? You said that you couldn’t stay at 1N2D for long time. But what now??? ^^ Hope you’ll keep the good work and bring to us more laughter! 사랑해요, 이승기…<3

I wish I could see VN Airens being like that :D