I like this chibi <3 I will make a bookmark just like this xD~
By the way, I’m gonna make Seung Gi’s calendar 2011 :x Really excited and spend so much time for finding stock =) My sister Kuro Yanagi will design for me, she is really good at that kind of things, so I can believe that my calendar will be lovely and beautiful. After I have all the pictures, I will contact with a shop which will help me print it out and do other stuffs xD~ This shop is very famous as I know. Can I trust it? Hope so. :D I’ve tried so hard to find Seung Gi’s stocks so I think it will be suiting for every months. ^^
I heard that Hope Concert in Seoul will have DVD :”> Most probably xD~ I will absolutely buy it ~ For Seung Gi and for myself too =)) I haven’t had any Seung Gi’s albums or concert DVD so I hope this time will be the opportunity for me to have one.
2011 is the year of fangirling =)
I love Seung Gi <3 I’ve never spent so much money on an idol. Seung Gi has come and changed everything :P