1.Korea/thai/china/japan airens are passing the dinner set to the staffs..

2.Gymnastics hall, staffs are doing audio and lighting checking.

3. a guy is standing in the middle of stage for camera testing.. and he looks damn serious hahaa

4. We saw Mr Lee  (hahaha she is referring to Seung Gi..Liyieng,Lilian and I call Seung Gi as Mr Lee ^^ )

5. rehearsing! he is singing!! he looks damn hot! enjoying his performance!

Even I can’t go there, I still can feel the atmosphere. I dare it would be really excited to coutdown for the concert. Every Airens are praying and hoping everything will be OK when the concert starts. Seung Gi will hold a beautiful and lovely concert xD~

Seung Gi ah~ Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Airens always beside you, support you xD~

Seung Gi ah~ Tomorrow, you will be back with the singer side, I’m waiting for that day for a long time. Not heodang, not actor, not MC, just singer… So I’m really really really excited…

Seung Gi ah~ Deep down in my heart, I feel a bit jealous with Airens who can come to see you, but I feel happy too. I feel happy because my Seung Gi will sing for Airens so many wonderful songs, because my Seung Gi have been working so hard for this concert and will get good effect from everyone xD~

Airens love Seung Gi <3 We love you <3 We do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Airens always beside you no matter what <3

I’m sending best wishes to you. Hope your “Hope Concert in Seoul” will success and get a lot of good feedbacks as you always do <3 Hope your concert will be full of Pearl Mint balloons.( absolutely :D ) I love you more than the words can say :)