His stage!!!!

uri Boy practicing for his big day tomorrow ^^

credit : china cafe

Saw from china cafe that these photos are taken from Will you marry me rapper twitter…keke

Gymnastics stadium : Seung Gi’s concert venue

cr: baidu tieba

Wow…the lighting !!! :)

cr: china cafe

(airens who were busy preparing the lunch box for the staffs!!)

cr: liyieng’s twitter

Saw Seung Gi?:)

cr: baidu tieba






I feel so excited :(( I wish I coule be there to dissolve the atmosphere with Airens…I never want to go to Korea like right now. I really want to see Seung Gi, don’t care if my seat were far away from him or not. But the bad part, I’m in Vietnam,  nothing’s gonna change that :( Still in VN and waiting for all fanvids and fanpics and fanaccounts T_____T At least, there will be Hope concert DVD…I’m praying for the day I can buy one. :)