8:45 KST

8:32 KST-8:40 KST

Seung Gi’s sexy dance——MISSA《goodgirl》

Rock time ^^Sang Boo Hwal’s song…

Seung Gi is singing Because you’re my woman ROCK VERSION !!

8:30 KST

And Seung Gi is singing TROT song now…he is wearing BLING BLING SHINY CLOTHES….:)

Songs- stage, Sister, twist of love

Photo of Seung Gi and Min Ah holding hands

8.10 KST

Seung Gi dance!!! haha…with MGIG noona (Park Soo jin)….

Park Soo Jin and Seung Gi are singing a duet-Like the first time (originally duet with Davichi)

7:35 KST-7:45 KST

Seung gi to Teacher Sun Hee to Noh Min Woo..next up our Gumiho ,Shin Min Ah

– Seung Gi singing From Now on I love you

– Seung Gi held Shin Min Ah’s hand !!!!!!!!!! (while singing From Now On I love you) OH MY GOD!!!

-Seung Gi said that his hands are full of sweat…now is Park Soo Jin’s turn to be on stage ^^

MGIG casts r being interviewed now by Jo Jung Rin (via Nikki)

Min Ah and Seung Gi :)


7:25 KST

MGIG time ^^

Seung Gi sang Losing my mind…did love arrows

Teacher Lee Sun Hee performed Fox Rain and The person I love

Noh Min Woo’s video now

7.00 KST

Seung GI has already SANG : Love taught me to drink, cry out, white lie, please, let’s break up

6:40 KST

Cr: fubu

6:30 KST

Seung Gi!!!Love thought me to drink

6:20 KST

5:55 KST

Cr: cookie lass twitter,dclsg

5:35 KST


cre: http://lsgairenint.tumblr.com/


Can’t wait for the fanvids and fanpics xD~ And ofcourse I want to get the DVD too :))