When I saw this clip, saw the tears on Seung Gi’s face. I really want to cry, but I can’t. I understand how happy he felt, because the concert was success and all the things that he had done had good result. Seung Gi is a sensitive guy, so I know that in the end of the concert, there were tears. But I never know that I would feel just like him. I’m happy for him, for everthing he deserved. He was moved to tears as he told to the fans in a voice chocked with emotion “Thank you”.

Thanks God for sending Seung Gi to the Earth. Because of Seung Gi, I find out what is love between idol-fan, what is called fangirl. Do you guys feel just the same with me????? There’s no word can express how Seung Gi cried…:) But I believe all Airens can feel and understand him :D