1. Love Taught Me To Drink
2. I’ll Cry It Out
3. White Lie
4. Please
5. Let’s break up
6. Words That Are Hard To Say
7. Because You’re My Girl
8. Just one time
9. VC R My girlfriend is a gumiho MAKING
Losing My Mind ( Lee Seung Gi)
10. VCR Fox Rain INTRO
Fox Rain (Lee Sun Hee)
11. VCR The Person I Love INTRO
The Person I Love (Lee Sun Hee)
12. VCR Trap INTRO
Trap (No Min Woo)
13. VCR I Will Love You From Now On
I Will Love You From Now On (Lee Seung Gi with Shin Min Ah)
MENT My Girlfriend is a Gumiho cast talk
Guests: Two as One(lyn)
MENT Lyn ment
14.Two as One(lyn+봉구)
VCR Video for part 2
15. Will You Marry Me(rapper bizniz)
16. Like The Beginning, Just Like Then(with Park Soo Jin)
17. Long, Long Time(rapper bizniz)
VCR trot intro
18. Sister(rose magic)
19. Love Twist
VCR rock intro
20. ____(stage changing)
21. Hee Ya
22. Because You’re My Woman
23. 사랑할수록
24. Because Love because love
25. CRAZY FOR YOU (rapper bizniz)
26. 啊 过去的日子
27. smile boy
28. Let’s Go On A Vacation
29. Never Ending Story
VCR Gift Winner