I want my Kim C back…1N2D feels kind of empty because of missing u :( Please come back :((((( I miss u sm :((((( I miss my silent Kim C… You always care about your hyungs and dongseongs, always stand sacrifices and hardships for almost every games… Why do u leave us :(( We love u, we do love u very much! Please come back…. 1N2D needs u…we need u…we want to see your smile…again…

Yesterday I read the news about the question of bringing Kim C back to 1N2D, and the answer was NO. I’m so disapointed…I don’t think that 1N2D can find another member like Kim C. No one can replace Kim C.

The longer I get to know about Kim C, the more I love him. But he left 1N2D…


Kim C ah~ Stay healthy and always remember that we’re waiting for u ~ You’re going to focus in music, I hope everything will be ok ^^


Best wishes to u…I’ve never known that I love u this much until you left… MC Mong left too, but I just feel empty because of u…1N2D is trying to find a new member, which is very difficult. They’ve considered so much but still can’t find any >”< Too bad >”<


Kim C ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’m calling for your comeback :((((((((((((((((