Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m having the cutest week ever, with the whole good marks of exams and lots of other things.

For Xmas, I have ordered a Seunggi’s hood and a legging from Gmartket.I still don’t know about the price, because YunJae shop haven’t told me anything. I just emailed them, and no feedback. Just wait, right?

Seung Gi wore this in 1n2d ^^ I love it at the first time, and now I have the change to take it home =) lols. How lovely is that!!!!!!!!!!
In Vietnam, there’s no legging like this. Just pantherskin or self-colored. Hihi. This legging is too cute, isn’t it? I’m looking forward having it.
Not at all, like I said before, I will have 2011 Seung Gi’s calendar and bookmarks. I have ordered from S.U shop, and next week they are going to send it to me. lovely. I just have the stock of the calendar and the bookmarks. Still have to wait to see the real them. These things cost 150 000 VND. Not expensive at all :P




Last but not least, I have ordered it from Paruce shop. It costs 160 000 VND. But it’s worth. lols.

There are lot of things about drama MIGI here, but too expensive so I think I will have to consider what to buy. I bought the giant chicken drumsticks for a couple of months. Love it as always, just like Seunggi gave it to me. lols. And I bought the MGIG Ost too. hihi ^^


I love it too. It is the freezer-sticked. Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like this too. But still consider. I’m running out of money……………………..


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kyopta right????

I think I will buy this. But not now, maybe next month. I will save up my money for those cute socks. especially Seung Gi version. Those chibi are kyopta!!!! They cost 200 000 VND. Not too expensive for such cute things. :P