Ok. After I have been going around to see other comments at many forums about this episode, I feel a bit surprise.

I like Jin Gook too, and even Hye Mi ends up with Jin Gook, it’s ok to me. Jin Gook loves her as much as Sam Dong so she would be happy if she chose him. But the biggest point is after episode 14 aired, almost every Jin Gook/Hye Mi shippers didn’t even admit the fact that she is falling for Sam Dong now. Of course they still can hope because everything can happen. I don’t now if this is a feeling or not, I just don’t want they said about Sam Dong/Hye Mi like “boring”, “day dreaming”, “too normal”, “too familiar”, “Hye Mi can’t love Sam Dong in only 3 episodes”…

Are they trying to refuse all the hints that the director has given us all the time?

Why did Hye Mi go to the country side to find Sam Dong instead of Teacher Kang? Why didn’t the director let her find Jin Gook?

Why did Hye Mi sing every duets with Sam Dong, dance with Sam Dong? Why couldn’t both Hye Mi and Sam Dong debut? Why did they stick together at all time?

Why did Hye Mi cry with Jin Gook? Why did she both smile and cry with Sam Dong? Why was “Winter Child” sung for Jin Gook? Why was “Maybe” sung for Sam Dong? Why did she think about Sam Dong while she was writing her song? Why did she drop her hands from Jin Gook’s face while Sam Dong passed by?

Why did the director let Jin Gook go debut and leave Sam Dong be with her every day? Why did the director let Sam Dong practice with her, change her attitude, her feelings? Why did the director want Sam Dong to go with her on her road since the first time? Why did Jin Gook notice Hye Mi’s manifestation the couple episodes?

Because finally they are falling for each other.

Sam Dong loves her from the little things. Remember the episode at Japan, while every one was cheering because of winning those native people. The Japanese boy ( who became Sam Dong’s friend after that ) kicked the money’s box, where had Hye Mi’s towel. Sam Dong didn’t care about the money, he picked her towel to flick off the dust. I cried so much after he did that. I knew he would have her love. Sam Dong’s love is blind. He acts on instinct. So what? It’s youth. He acts like everybody at his age. He wants his girl to be happy so he did stupid things. He makes his girl smile. He protects his girl, not only from accidents, but also from feelings. Both Jin Gook and Sam Dong understand Hye Mi, but Sam Dong does more than understanding. He helps her, he chooses to be on her side, he stands by her, he cheers her up. He shares every important memories with Hye Mi. When Hye Mi looks back, she can only remember the feelings of being with him. How can you not love a person like him?

About Hye Mi side, I believe she has been loving him for a long tim but didn’t recognize until this episode. Because Sam Dong is always next to her, always be with her so she didn’t care. She tried to reach some far stuffs but then she realized how important he meant to her. He was the person who she thought at first. He was the person made she felt confident and happy.

So I believe in a happy ending for Sam-mi couple. And if it’s not, it also won”t be GookMi. Hehe.