I miss u like crazy. Today, I saw some news about Super Junior had come to VN and about Super Show 3 too. I was just wondering: “What about you, Seung Gi? Have u ever thought of coming to VN? Have u ever wanted to meet Vietnamese Airen? I just want to see u, face to face, once time in my life.”

Miss u.

The new hair makes u look so babo that I can’t stand it. Don’t be so cute. Don’t be so lovely. I can’t take it.

Here is some photos. I took it from LSG Airen Int ( u can see the link in my blogroll) and I’ve re-uploaded them. So please don’t hot link . I don’t want my account gets bandwitch.

His foot <3
Seung Gi went to a wedding party :) My gentlement ^^

He took photos with cherry blossom. Yah. He likes a child. And I love him no matter what. Don’t ever change, my babo.
Some photos from Come to play show. New hair so cute so cute so cute.